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Advocating for Strong Laws and Policies

Laws and policies can change social norms. To achieve equality and a world in which no sex trafficking and sexual exploitation exists, we call on governments at all levels to enact strong laws and policies based on principles of women’s rights and human rights.

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Raising Public Awareness

We know that your voice is invaluable in the fight to end the trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and girls. That’s why we raise awareness about these issues as forms of sex-based and gender-based violence and partner with you to create systemic change.

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Supporting Survivor Leadership

To find solutions to human trafficking and sexual exploitation, we must listen to survivors, and at CATW, we support survivor leaders’ work and advocacy. We understand that a strong survivor-led movement is key to creating a world free from violence and sexual exploitation.

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Our global headquarters are located in New York City.

From here, we engage in initiatives to raise awareness about human trafficking and sexual exploitation, support survivor leadership and change laws and policies to reach equality for women and girls around the world. We also have offices in the Asia-Pacific and Latin American and Caribbean regions. In addition to working for law and policy changes in their cities, states and regions, CATW-AP and CATW-LAC staff provide direct services to victims and survivors of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation, and educate the public, including men and boys, about human trafficking, gender-based violence and its root causes.

Questions? We answer FAQs about our work to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

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Help us create a world where no woman or girl is bought or sold.

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