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Supporting Survivor Leaders

When it comes to understanding the reality of the sex trade and finding solutions to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation, survivors are true experts. They have endured unspeakable violence at the hands of sex buyers, pimps and traffickers and have deep knowledge based on lived experience. They are uniquely equipped to help develop prevention and protection policies to change the lives of all women and girls. They speak truth to power. They must be heard.

At CATW, we partner with survivors. We engage in advocacy with them to change the cultural narrative around the sex trade. We work to secure their participation in decision-making processes locally, nationally and globally. We support survivor leadership providing spaces for collaboration and technical assistance that will ensure effective advocacy to accelerate impactful social change.

Survivor Leaders Speak Out: A Collection of Resources, Op-Eds and Interviews Produced by or with Survivors

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A strong survivor-led movement is key to ending the trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and girls. #ListenToSurvivors

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