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Labor Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

Given that the majority of human trafficking victims are women and girls and that they are overwhelmingly trafficked into the sex trade, our work tends to focus on tackling sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. However, it is important to note that there are women and girls who are trafficked for forced labor.

In fact, 37% of victims of labor trafficking are women and girls according to the UNODC.

It is, therefore, also important to consider the particular vulnerabilities women and girls experience in these contexts.

When trafficked for forced labor, women and girls are typically exploited in agricultural fields and textile factory work or as domestic servants. The conditions they experience in these circumstances are inhumane and a violation of their human rights — working for long hours for little or no pay in deplorable environments, and suffering under physical and psychological control of labor traffickers, including debt bondage, loss of a passport or identification papers, and even physical abuse.  Additionally, they experience further vulnerabilities and harm, particularly sexual violence and sexual exploitation, because they are women and girls.

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