Press Releases

Feb 4 2019 Women and Girl Rights at the Center of CATW and CIMTM Global Anti-trafficking Conference in Madrid
Dec 10 2018 CATW Celebrates 30th Anniversary
Apr 20 2018 Over 2,000 Global Sex Trade Survivors, Women's Rights and Anti-Trafficking Advocates Call on Prime Minister to Uphold Canada's Prostitution Law
Apr 20 2018 2280 survivantes du commerce du sexe, partisan-e-s des droits des femmes et de lutte contre la traite du monde entier exhortent le premier ministre Justin Trudeau à défendre et à faire respecter la loi canadienne sur la prostitution
Apr 12 2018 CATW Applauds the Passage of FOSTA (H.R. 1865)
Dec 8 2017 Gloria Steinem, CATW, NOW-NY, Sex Trade Survivors Spoke Out About PornHub Pop-Up in NYC
Feb 16 2017 Abolitionist Legislation Passes in Ireland
Apr 6 2016 France Passes Historic Abolitionist Legislation
Aug 12 2015 CATW Responds: Amnesty International Turned Its Back on Women
Jul 23 2015 Global Advocates Issue a Call to Amnesty International in Open Letter
May 19 2015 U.S. Congress Passes the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act
Apr 28 2015 Abe to Address Congress Joint Session for First Time
Apr 14 2015 Call on the Japanese Government to Recognize "Comfort Women"
Apr 14 2015 Ready! Set! Bid!
Apr 7 2015 Mark Your Calendars for CATW's Online Photography Auction
Apr 6 2015 New York State Strengthens Human Trafficking Law
Dec 2 2014 Canada and Ireland Take Measures to Criminalize Buyers of Sex
Jan 6 2014 The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) Announces Appointment of Taina Bien-Aimé as Executive Director
Sep 25 2012 Leading Human Rights Groups CATW & PRE to Protest Village Voice Media in NYC on 6/20/12
Nov 14 2011 Leading Human Rights Groups To Protest Village Voice Media in NYC
Sep 27 2011 Statement on Cases Against Dominique Strauss-Kahn in the U.S. and In France
Apr 20 2011 Comunicado de Prensa: Coalicion contra la Trata de Mujeres (CATW) y la Red Mediterranea contra la Trata de Mujeres
Apr 13 2011 Press Release on the Report by France's Parliamentary Mission on Prostitution (Arabic version)
Apr 13 2011 French Parliament Mission on Prostitution Supports Criminalizing the Buyer
Apr 13 2011 La Misión parlamentaria francesa sobre prostitución apoya la penalización de los clientes prostituidores.
Apr 13 2011 Communique de presse: Coalition contre la traite des femmes (CATW) et du Reseau mediterraneen contre la traite des femmes
Jul 27 2008 SAFE Harbor Act--Pens for Governor Patterson
Apr 21 2008 Press Release: CATW Protests HBO's Reality Show Cathouse, Set In A Brothel
Mar 10 2008 Press Release: New York Governor Spitzer - Recent Revelations
May 17 2007 PRESS RELEASE: New York Anti-Trafficking Legislation