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CATW launches our first podcast series, featuring survivor leaders



There are many myths and misconceptions about sex trafficking and prostitution. Furthermore, hardly anyone talks about what happens after “the life” – the painful, nitty-gritty business of rebuilding and healing.

This limited podcast series, hosted by survivor leader and the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women’s Outreach and Advocacy Coordinator Melanie Thompson, invites you inside raw and honest conversations between sex trade survivors as they explore topics critical to the survivor community in New York City and beyond. Fighting against a culture that persistently blames women for their own victimization, Melanie and her guests examine what it means to survive exploitation, from navigating systems and services to drawing professional and personal boundaries in advocacy work. Each episode of Exit Wound is designed to provide survivors with the tools to drive change in their own lives and communities.

Check out the Exit Wound website for the latest episodes.

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