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From Impunity to Accountability: Deterring Sex Buyers in New York State and Beyond


The system of prostitution would not exist without the demand for it, namely patronizers or sex buyers, colloquially known as “johns” in North America, “punters” in the United Kingdom and Ireland, “puteros” in Spain and Argentina, and “blessers” in South Africa, to name a few descriptors.

Over the past few months, we at CATW have read hundreds of online posts published on “hobby boards” by sex buyers across New York State reviewing the women they purchased. While this report concentrates on the sex buyers in New York State, it is indicative of their abuse of power and abuse of vulnerability beyond New York.

These reviews give us proof that sex buyers are in fact visible and unequivocal in their expressions of dehumanization and commodification of women, in violation of principles of human rights, equality, and respect for the dignity of persons.

If you click on a figure on the map below, it will lead you to an online review posted by a sex buyer in that geographical area. These reviews span across ten regions of New York State.

TRIGGER WARNING: The contents of this report include statements made by sex buyers that include the description of violent, sexist, racist, pornographic, dehumanizing, torturous and degrading acts which can offend or even disturb the reader. 

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