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A front-row seat to the Nigerian sex trade on a screen near you

Cast photo from the film Òlòturé, which shows the grim realities of the Nigerian sex trade and its outsized impact on vulnerable women and girls.

Photo from Òlòturé provided by the director


In a Human Trafficking Prevention Month installment for At the Edge of the MarginsCATW’s Medium publication, Executive Director Taina Bien-Aimé interviews Nigerian Director Kenneth Gyang about his film “Òlòturé,” available now on Netflix. They discuss his inspiration for the critically acclaimed movie, the realities of the Nigerian sex trade, sex trafficking within and from his country, and the director’s hopes for law and policy change. Take a front-row seat to the Nigerian sex trade.


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Òlòturé director shows the realities of sex trafficking and the sex trade in Nigeria in his film


“Nigeria is one of the biggest countries in Africa, so imagine the endless source of women and girls for trafficking  What is evident is that we need a lot more awareness, even if the suffering has been in plain sight for decades in almost every major city in Europe.”

– Kenneth Gyang, director of “Òlòturé”



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