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We’re on Medium! Check out our very first post in ‘At the Edge of the Margins’

At the Edge of the Margins Publication headers features diverse women representative of those most marginalized by human trafficking and the sex trade

We’ve just launched a new publication on Medium! At the Edge of the Margins provides a digital space for opinions and interviews centering the most marginalized and vulnerable women and girls. The CATW team and our partners, including survivor leaders, will bring you feminist human rights analysis and commentary from around the world.

In our very first post, Executive Director Taina Bien-Aimé considers the implications of New York State’s decision to legalize commercial reproductive surrogacy. Has New York put women up for sale?

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A pregnant woman holds her belly with the words For Rent on her shirt. With the legalization of commercial surrogacy in New York State, has NYS put women up for sale?

“Surrogate mothers are silenced, which is why the public knows nothing about our trauma […] There is no regulation that can prevent that pain and suffering we face as surrogates. You can die from it and it won’t get you out of poverty.”

– Toni Bare, survivor of commercial surrogacy



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