Take Action

The following are 5 actions you can take to help end human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. 

  1. Learn More
    • About the dynamics of sexual exploitation, such as how the global sex industry fuels trafficking and particularly about how male demandfor commercial sex fuels sex trafficking.
    • About trafficking and its inextricable link to prostitution.
    • About the politics of sex trafficking, such as why legalization of the sex industry helps to promote sexual exploitation and why prostitution is not "sex work"
    • About the facts of domestic sex trafficking in your country and your local community.
    • From the books on CATW's reading list.
    • By watching our videos
  2. Educate others in your community
    • Increase public awareness about trafficking and prostitution by showing films, sponsoring a speakerin an open forum at your local college, school, civic group, or religious institution. 
    • Download and email or print out CATW's handout materials for distribution.
    • Friend us on our Facebook page, list CATW on your website, Facebook page or other social networks as your charitable organization.
    • Tweet about CATW and our work. Ask your friends to spread the word.
  3. Speak out
    • Call your local television or radio station and ask them to report on stories that raise awareness on human trafficking.
    • Write a letter to your local newspaper, particularly when sexual exploitation is glamorized and victims are not treated with respect. Read copies of our Letters to the Editor.
  4. Advocate for the passage and implementation of strong anti-trafficking laws and for the allocation of funding for anti-trafficking work and victim assistance.

    Campaign for an effective anti-trafficking bill which should:
    • Include a definition of trafficking that is representative of all trafficking victims. The Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons Especially Women and Children commonly known as the Palermo Protocol is the world’s most agreed upon definition of human trafficking.
    • Create strong penalties for traffickers and pimps. These penalties must be strong enough to deter to an enormously profitable criminal activity.
    • Penalize the demand for commercial sex that fuels the sex industry. Consider including a mandatory fine that is used to fund victim services.
    • Include measures against sex tourism and operators who conduct business promoting sex tourism.
    • Create a mechanism by which trafficking victims can recover restitution and damages from traffickers.
    • Create provisions that would allow for the expungement of the criminal record of victims who have been convicted of prostitution related charges.
    • Ensure that appropriate government funds are allocated to implement anti-trafficking work.
    • Volunteer for an organization that works to end human trafficking.
  5. Support our work financially
    • Donate to support our work to end human trafficking. 
    • Ask if your employer will match your contribution to CATW, as it is a 501(c)(3) organization under United States law. 
    • Organize a fund-raising event for CATW