• #NoAmnesty4Pimps – Global Day of Action

    October 23, 2015 marked a Global Day of Action against Amnesty International's policy decision advocating the decriminalization of the entire sex trade. Protests — both online and off — took place all around the world. These images provide a glimpse into the day.

  • Teresa Ulloa Ziáurriz Receives the Gleitsman Award

    Teresa Ulloa Ziáurriz receives the Gleitsman award from Swanee Hunt. "I am the mother of a 21 year old girl who has been the driving motivation behind my work," said Teresa Ulloa Ziáurriz upon receiving the award.

  • "Real Men Do Housework"

    CATW-AP began a campaign of posting anti-trafficking stickers on jeepney transport workers vehicles with messages that read, "Real Men Don't Buy Women," "Gender-sensitive Man on Board", "Real Men Do Housework" and "Women are NOT Commodities". These messages were also produced on t-shirts.

  • A Conversation Among Men About Sex Trafficking

    CATW brings together principled male leaders in the field of human trafficking to explore the leadership that men must provide in confronting the demand for commercial sex, which leads to sex trafficking. Here are a few of the men who work with CATW to end the demand by speaking out.

  • CATW--Art and Activism

    CATW produces artistic events in support of our programs and campaigns around the world, promoting women's human rights and raising public awareness about the harms of human trafficking.

  • CATW-South Africa

    The launch of the Embrace Dignity Campaign Petition at the Cape Town Democracy Centre to end prostitution and sex trafficking in South Africa on June 8, 2010. You can sign the petition here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/embrace-dignity-campaign/

  • CATW in Nicaragua

    The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women travels to our partner in Nicaragua.

  • The 4th CATW-AP Regional Assembly

    First Regional Meeting of Survivors and the 4th CATW-AP Regional Assembly.

  • Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

    CATW participates in the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) every year at the United Nations in New York City. CATW holds panel discussions on topics relating to human trafficking and presents statements and declarations in support of laws and policies against violence against women.

  • CATW's Global Campaign

    CATW engages in creative, principled advocacy and campaigns designed to create the social, political, and legal conditions that are inhospitable to human trafficking. As part of our Global Campaign for A Sex Trafficking Free Internet, the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women has held campaigns against Craigslist and now Backpage.com protesting their facilitation of international sex trafficking.