Legalizing prostitution is not the answer: The example of Victoria, Australia

Mary Sullivan and Sheila Jeffreys July 19, 2011 Australia Download Attachment

Excerpt from the Introduction

"In the last decade legalisation has been promoted as the solution to the problems that accompany prostitution in many countries such as the Netherlands and Roumania. Governments in South East Asia are encouraged, in an important International Labor Organisation report, to officially recognise the "sex sector" and the contribution it makes to gross national income, a recognition that would entail legal acceptance of the industry (Lim, Lin Lean. 1998. The Sex Sector. Geneva: International Labour Office). In the state of Victoria in Australia, brothel prostitution was legalised in the 1980s and has subsequently been legalised in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory (ACT), and Queensland. Tasmania and South Australia are about to follow suit. The experience of Victoria provides a good object lesson as to why legalisation is not the answer."

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