Pornography Articles Appearing on Cosmopolitan’s Website

CATW International March 4, 2016 Download Attachment

"Today’s Cosmo is not just about pushing sexual boundaries or sex tips for the average twenty-something looking for spice in her dating life. An abrupt shift from that fare occurred in 2012 when Cosmo published a handful of articles online glorifying the multi-billion dollar pornography and commercial sexual exploitation industry. In 2013, the number of porn-related pieces jumped to around 50. In 2014, they skyrocketed to 108, followed by another increase in 2015. The content ranges from articles urging that sex education be taught by porn “stars” to in-depth interviews extolling the virtues of the sex trade." 

– Taina Bien-Aimé in "An Evolution from Selling 'Sex Tips' to Selling Porn: Cosmopolitan Joins Forces with the Porn Industry"  on the NCOSE Blog