CATW Urges Senate To Reach Bipartisan Compromise for Victims of Trafficking

CATW International March 17, 2015 USA

CATW partnered with Shared Hope International, putting political views aside and urging the Senate to do the same in a letter regarding the passage of the Justice for Victims' of Trafficking Act (JVTA). Anti-trafficking groups have been able to work in combatting human trafficking for years without the paralyzing result of partisan politics, but due to the recent debate over the legislation, the anticipated success of the JVTA has come to a halt. 

This letter highlights the dire need for this bill, and as CATW Executive Direction, Taina Bien-Aimé states, "we are hoping that victims of human trafficking are not going to be used as political footballs when we know how devastated their lives are at the hand of traffickers and pimps."

Read the letter here