CATW-AP's ED Jean Enriquez featured as one of 5 Inspiring People by Rappler

Adrianna Mejia October 20, 2014 the Philippines

She wakes up at 6am to a text from a young woman needing her help. She sends her staff to assist at the police station, but she needs to be there to comfort her. This is a day in Jean’s life.

“We have a healing conversation before we send her to the child counselor. Then, I have to talk to the mother. We also have to give her support and help address their practical needs. While waiting for the time for inquest at 7pm, I’m busy finishing reports and some proposals."

"On other days, I am in the disaster areas, conducting trainings with local government officials or community women. And some days, lobbying with our own legislators or in New York and other countries speaking on our programs, or doing pressure politics, too. So, no typical day [for me].”

But Jean also makes time for herself. Other than work, she makes times for physical fitness, reading books, baking, learning the ukulele, and taking care of her relationships. She spends time with her partner, they have dinner and bond with their grown up child.

She says that being complete is very important as it addresses the core of your being. "To be complete is to be able to actualize oneself, to be able to do things beyond what you think you are capable of doing, to be able to extend your gifts to serve others, and to develop your character to the utmost. That would also mean being able to balance your life -- intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, physically."

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