CATW January 1, 2010 Canada

Canada’s laws on prostitution were under legal review in 2010. CATW released a press statement standing in opposition to the Ontario Superior Court’s decision which voiced Canada’s anti-prostitution law. “This decision is certain to put even more girls and women at risk for sex trafficking. IT is premised on false notions and is seriously at odds with Canada’s respected human rights record.” Norma Ramos, Executive Director of CATW.

In 2011, an Opt Ed written by CATW’s Executive Director, Norma Ramos was published in Canada’s leading newspaper the Globe and Mail. In it Ms. Ramos points to the inherent violence that is prostitution and makes the case for the adoption of the Nordic Model.

In 2006, CATW testified at hearings in the House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women, Ottawa, Canada, on new legislation in Canada against sex trafficking.  This testimony was used widely in the report that issued from the hearings in which the CATW testimony was quoted.