CATW September 24, 2002 Spain

The Congress on "The Cities and Prostituation" and the International Meeting on Traffcking of Women and Sexual Exploitation were held in Spain.

In 2004, forty speakers and 325 participants attended the Congress on “The Cities and Prostitution.” The conference was organized by Asuncion Miura, Director of the Equal Opportunity Commission of the Municipality of Madrid, and member of CATW’s international Board of Directors. It was opened by Ana Botella, Deputy Mayor of Madrid. Among the speakers were Marianne Eriksson and Gunilla Ekberg from Sweden; Malka Marcovich, Esohe Aghatise, Janice Raymond from CATW: Yolande Grenson, founder of Pandora in Belgium, a survivors organization; Dora Cantos, an Argentinian survivor of trafficking and prostitution; Ana Miguez, President of Alecrin which, bravely exposed the pimps of Viga, Spain; Maria Jose Barahona, Professor at the University of Madrid; and Ann Hamilton, from the Glasgow City Council, who gave a very impressive presentation of Glasgow’s efforts and programs to curb the sex industry and its related activities.

CATW participated in the International Meeting of Trafficking of Women and Sexual Exploitation from September 23-24, 2002, in Malaga, Spain. Sponsored by the Women’s Institute of Andalusia, the conference brought together almost 400 participants from Spain, Belgium, Poland, Germany and other countries in Europe, Nigeria, Thailand, and the United States. Themes of the conference were: European policies in relation to trafficking and sexual exploitation of women; policies of victim intervention in countries of destination; perspectives of countries from which women are trafficked; and anti-trafficking strategies of key women’s organizations in Europe. The proceedings of the conference will be published in a future book that can be obtained from the Women’s Institute of Andalusia in Malaga.