CATW January 1, 2005 Moldova

In 2005, CATW’s partner project in Moldova was implemented by the Association for Women in Contemporary Society. The Association had long worked in rescuing Moldovan and other victims of trafficking from the jails of the United Arab Emirates. The Association produced public information materials warning about the consequences of trafficking, the links between prostitution and trafficking, and the negative aspects of legalizing prostitution. The joint project sponsored 14 seminars that educated 490 students and faculty in colleges and universities about: the hot-sports of trafficking in Moldova, national referral systems that assist in reintegrating victims, national and international legislation on trafficking and prostitution, the debate about the legalization of prostitution, penalizing the demand for commercial sex and strategies to help victims. Volunteers trained during these seminars subsequently organized 32 other seminars throughout the region.

In May 2005, Veronica Lupu, the President of the Association of Women in Contemporary Society and her staff organized a conference for police, judges, prosecutors and NGO representatives on “The Importance of Applying UN and European Legislation Against Trafficking Human Beings in Moldova.” The Association translated and published CATW’s Guide to the New UN Trafficking Protocol and launched it at the conference. Janice Raymond and Malka Marcovich spoke at the sessions.