CATW January 1, 2006 Germany

Germany, EU

In January 2006 CATW launched the extraordinarily successful international campaign titled “Buying Sex is Not a Sport” to protest Germany’s promotion of prostitution during the World Cup Games in June/July 2006. Malka Marcovich coordinated the campaign which included an online petition in five languages which was ultimately signed by more than 150,000 individuals and organizations from 125 countries. It was delivered to German Embassies in all major world regions at the onset of the World Cup Games. CATW’s campaign focused on the German contradiction in claiming to fight against trafficking while at the same time ignoring and/or endorsing the legalized prostitution economy that encourages the physical and psychological exploitation of women and the marketing of women’s bodies as commodities to be bought and sold. The campaign also addressed the violation of international standards of gender equality, the fundamental right of women to be free of sexual exploitation and the undermining of the democratic process – all facilitated by the erection of brothels to facilitate prostitution in Europe.