Disability and Sexual Assistants

CATW February 25, 2013 France

In France, there has been a push for sexual assistants for disabled persons.

In the past two years there has been a push in France to have, like in other countries in Europe such as Switzerland, sexual assistants for disabled persons. The first journalist to analyze this trend is our journalist partner in France Claudine Legardinier, along with Maudy Piot, president of an organization of disabled women “Femmes pour le dire”. Malka Marcovich co-signed several articles with Claudine Legardinier in newspapers throughout France. After the adoption of the Resolution at the French Parliament on December 6, 2011, for the abolition of prostitution. In the Ministry of Health, Roselyne Bachelot’s speech she affirmed that in no way France could legalize sexual assistants, and that this was a form of prostitution. This was a major indicator of the success of our work.