South Korea

CATW September 6, 2006 South Korea

On September 6, 2006 the Center for Women’s Human Rights, an NGO based in Seoul, South Korea held a groundbreaking conference titled “The Links Between Prostitution and Trafficking: Focusing in Women’s Human Rights and the Issue of Demand.” This conference brought together hundreds of women’s rights leaders, scholars, politicians, and activists. The conference successfully achieved its goal to raise public awareness about the root causes of prostitution and human trafficking, to share strategies to discourage the demand for commercial sexual exploitation that fosters trafficking, and to encourage international cooperation to combat human trafficking. United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Traficking, Sigma Huda gave the keynote presentation. Panelists following Ms. Huda included Dr. Melissa Farley of Prostitution Research and Education, Dorchen Leidholdt and Professor Lee Young-ja.

The conference was preceded by a press conference in which more than a dozen reporters directed questions to international speakers and the lead conference organizer, Young-sook Cho. Media coverage of both the press conference and the conference was extensive and reached hundreds of thousands of people throughout South Korea.