January 1, 2005 Mali

In 2005, CATW Africa organized two major projects. The first was a training on the trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and children for journalists from eight regions of Mali. Since mainly the trafficking of children is a topic known to the public, the workshop publicized the fact that women are also trafficked for sexual exploitation in large numbers in Mali and in Africa in general. The aim of the training was to give media the tools with which to communicate about trafficking and to join in the fight against it in Mali. Both print and radio journalists took part in the training. Media representatives received audio tapes designed to help them prepare programs on the consequences of trafficking and sexual exploitation for women and children.

The second major project consisted of educational workshops and literacy training for rural women and girls who migrate to Bamako to work as domestics for families. The workshops and trainings informed the participants of their rights, warned them of the dangers of violence, sexual exploitation and HIV/ AIDS that they may face both in the cities and in their workplaces, and offered tools to help them avoid exploitation in the families where they find jobs. The trainings established CATW Africa as an organization to which the women can turn for assistance.