July 1, 2008 Ghana

As a result of an investigation by Enslavement Prevention Alliance -West Africa (EPA-WA), 15 children were rescued in July 2008 from an Imam in Bimbilla, Ghana. The Imam trafficked boys for forced begging and farm labor and sexually abused the girl victims under the guise of providing them with an Islamic education. EPA-WA also organized victim protection services. CATW International was the first donor to provide funding for the children's immediate care.

Seven Chinese women were rescued after a raid, which was preceded by a six month investigation into an international sex trafficking ring that trafficked women from China to Ghana, Nigeria, Togo and Kenya in 2009. These women were trafficked by a neighbor and friend from Harbin, China for sexual exploitation to meet the demand for “white women” by expatriate men. EPA-WA assisted in the investigation process and provided immediate victim protection.  EPA-WA helped victims collect their personal belongings from the brothel, Peach Blossom Palace, and worked to trace three victims who were outside of the brothel during the raid.