Press Release: New York Governor Spitzer - Recent Revelations

CATW March 10, 2008 United States

Johns after all are fathers, brothers and sons.

Contact: NORMA RAMOS, Esq., Co-Executive Director, CATW - (212) 643-9895,

The recent revelations that Governor Spitzer regularly arranged to have a prostituted woman available to him, demonstrate that men who sexually exploit women come from all walks of life. Even the most powerful, respected and privileged among us exploit women in this way. Johns after all are fathers, brothers and sons.

We live in a culture that continues to afford men the privilege of sexually exploiting girls and women. Until we work to end the commercial sexual exploitation of girls and women in this country, we will have a class of women who will be used in this way. Prostitution is the oldest oppression and a form of violence against women. The fact that this occurred in a high priced context does not erase the harm of the commodification of women. Sexual exploitation has no place in a society that values equality for girls and women.

We also have to ask the question of why men in our culture hypocritically support the commercial sexual abuse of women while publicly supporting equality for women and social justice.